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Pomegranate Words Poetry and Fiction Critiques

Getting feedback from a respected and honest source is an important part of the process for any writer. The idea of the genius working in total solitude is a myth—experienced authors almost always have someone who can give them a second perspective. Examples of literary partnerships abound: Ezra Pound helped T.S. Eliot with The Waste Land; Romantics such as Keats, Shelley, and Byron sought each other's feedback as part of the "Cockney School;" and writers today trade pieces both inside and outside of formal classes and MFA programs.

Many writers are intimidated by critiques. Receiving a critique is not about putting a poem or story on the chopping block to be criticized and smashed to bits; rather, it's about getting another point of view and gaining a more sophisticated understanding of the work at hand. While it's a good idea to avoid those who give feedback that is unfair, petty, or carelessly negative, the serious writer always welcomes honest and constructive opinions.

Pomegranate Words offers several options for those looking for opportunities to get feedback. Email pomegranate@pomegranatewords.com to get more information about all options below.

PW Critique - Pomegranate Words provides critiques for both adult and student writers. With a PW Critique, an experienced writing teacher and editor will discuss what's working in your piece already and how to push it further. Our aim is to be encouraging while also helping you see how to improve: you'll never receive a critique that is all criticism or all praise. Critiques consist of both in-text comments and a letter that covers major issues. Writers are often surprised by the amount of detailed feedback that is provided. In most cases, we can get your critique to you within two business days.

Cost: $75 for a critique of one poem or story (up to 10 pages of prose or 3 pages of poetry; $6 for each subsequent page of prose or $14 for each subsequent page of poetry)

Critiques can also be purchased in bulk ahead of time. The cost is $285 for 5 critiques and $425 for 10 critiques.

Quick Crits - This is a less expensive alternative to the PW Critique for writers who only need brief feedback on a piece. The Quick Crit consists of a detailed paragraph. No in-text comments are provided.

Cost: $28 for one critique (up to 10 pages of prose or 3 pages of poetry)

Free Pen Pal Program - Make a new writing friend. We'll pair you up with another writer who is a similar age and who has compatible interests. To sign up, send an email to pomegranate@pomegranatewords.com, and tell us your age, what city and state or country you live in, and who some of your favorite writers are. This program is open to both teenagers and adults. Unfortunately, the pen pal program is currently suspended.

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