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Tica's Ordeal

by Sammy Zhou, 15, Columbia, South Carolina

It was still a blur. He could hear the uneasy coughing of the ventilation systems. He did a quick stretch as he felt his back muscles crack. Marco Tica groaned as he rubbed his temples. "What happened?" he wondered to himself. Apparently, something had him on the head...and hard too...enough for him to black out. He looked at his surroundings. It was a mess. Research papers were scattered all over the cold metal floor. Marco groaned even more when he realized that this was going to take him weeks to clean up. He then looked at the albinoid embryos in their perfect little tanks. They looked innocent and undisturbed. They were a magnificent creation. He and his fellow colleagues had been slaving for months to create the perfect killing machines. Something was a bit odd about the embryo tanks, though. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"OOHH S---!!" Marco yelled as he realized the problem. He frantically dashed to check the observation monitors. The tanks were only 78% full of the gas solution that was pumped into them to make the albinoids slumber. It was also decreasing at a rapid pace. If those things woke up, he knew he was in some deep s---.

He began desperately searching for any communication device...anything... that he could use to contact the outside world. He knew his time was limited... He estimated he had about 10 minutes before his albinoid creations woke up.

Maybe this was his punishment...this was the consequence for playing God. He never thought this was going to be his profession...let alone the way he was going to die.

Suddenly, somebody's voice came on. "If anybody is down there, get out of there immediately. An air raid from an unknown source occurred on the surface. During the raid, the T-Virus somehow spilled, infecting most of the workers. Be careful—hey you...what are you doing? Oh sh--."

A blinking light caught his eye. He pressed a few buttons and spoke into the microphone...not knowing that he could possibly be the only survivor of the attack.

"...please, if anyone can hear me—this is Doctor Mario Tica, in the second floor lab. I'm locked in, and all the tanks have gone down. They're waking up—please, you have to help me. I'm not infected, I'm in a suit, swear to God, you gotta get me out of here—," and with that, the communication device died down.

Could this truly be the end? No, pull yourself together Mar—you're going to make it out of here. There's no way you're going to let yourself die down here. Not like this...Not like one of them...Mario Tica thought to himself.

"You damn piece of s---!" Mario cursed at the communication device. A rustle startled the panicked survivor. Mario cautiously turned to catch the eye of one of his creations staring back at him. Something inside him made him quickly kick the emergency glass containing the axe. He had to make it to the next wing. He owed it to himself to at least give himself a chance to make it out of this hell-island. With a violent swing, he broke only a small shard of the glass wall. He realized he wasn't going to get out alive. He wasn't ever going to enjoy the joys of life anymore.

With all those emotions, he collapsed. He sat there a good five minutes crying for himself. Why on earth did he get involved in this operation? Why! Why! Realizing pity was going to get him nowhere, he decided to move on. The minute he accepted death as an option, he would be dead. That's how he saw this whole ordeal. He chose to live, not to die. Maybe after this, he would retire to an island...no wait—not an island...definitely inland. He did not want to be reminded of this nightmare.

He looked through the glass and saw a girl come in. She had an athletic build, almost six feet tall, brunette, had a red vest on. She could help him. With that thought in mind, he started pounding on the glass screaming, "Help me! Help me!" The girl saw him and started looking around for something that she could open the door with. Marco was sweating with fear. Something then happened at that instant. Everything became black. He knew what had happened, an albino must have escaped and electrocuted him. How ironic...that he had given birth to his death...

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