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I Fear

by Nichole Palomino, 14, Euclid, Ohio

I fear that if I get too adjusted to this situation
somehow you'll disappear
I fear that the ways of the game will overthrow you
and you'll no longer be sincere
I fear that enticement will overwhelm you
and at some time you'll give in
I fear that commitment will scare you
to the point where we end
I fear that if I call out to you
you'll no longer be there
baby, I know it's crazy, but this is what I fear

I fear that the faceless beast of hate will grow in you
and we will argue all the time
I fear the thought of you will occupy
every vacancy in my mind
I fear that you'll put up a block
and we'll no longer see face to face
I fear that you'll grow sour
and start to deny your race
I fear somehow for some reason
you'll become ashamed
baby please tell me it won't end up this way

you claim that you're fearless
but in your eyes I see different
lies only reside
in people who are ignorant
so baby don't lie, don't stoop that low
all the things you've been holding inside
it's time to let go

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