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The Tuna Chronicles

by Jake Winkler, 16, Platteville, Wisconsin

How gracefully the tuna swims
Gliding smoothly through the crystal water
With its shiny silver fins
Sadly awaiting its slaughter.

Swim away tuna! Swim away
You can surely escape.
Just leave! Hide in the bay.
You don't want to be eaten like a grape!

Do you wish to be mixed with Miracle Whip?
Or put into a hot dish
Or be made into a tasty cracker dip?
That is no fat for such a glorious fish.

Then why tuna—why swim into the net?
The net spells a certain DEATH.
You're money for a man who drives a Corvette.
Fight tuna! Fight to have a dignified last breath.

The shark has sharp teeth to protect.
You are quick and fast
Surely you can find a way to object.
Make the tuna come in first, and the human in last.

What happened to your dignity old friend?
You cost but three dollars at Subway.
I thought you would last until the end.
I thought we would be together in peace someday.

You were ground into chuck light
Your family left to fend for one another
And that just isn't right.
Your wife will end up with your brother.

Why tuna? Why?
You chose your own fate.
You could have left when things started to go awry.
We shall meet again, friend, at heaven's pearly gates.

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