Pomegranate Words

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by Kersten Cheyne, 14, Hope Mills, North Carolina

You will break, another shattered soul off the Road
And so they laugh and so they kick
But will they see you're imperfect?
And when the tide is down too low
And when you're drowning in the moon
They will laugh; they will lie to their gods
Fingers crossed behind their backs, oh God
Am I imperfect?
Is there truth behind my eyes,
Or am I drowning in my lies?
And I will reach for you in vain
As you quickly turn away
The velvet sky will ripple in your shadow
As you're kicked off of the Road
Shattered in the alley
Another teenage suicide
And will the blood burn my eyes
As I take in all the light?
I'll give it to you, but you'll shun me
Is there nothing left to be, and am I stupid?
Will you let me give you life?
And if I'm damned to hell for you I'll go
Without looking back
But cries eternal in my chest are fighting me
And you could be almost everything
But you will die like all the others
And I'm damned here in this skin
And have I failed you? I don't know
I'll call you when you go but you won't answer
I'll just be alone again curled up in the corner
Losing all the strength I thought I had
Things f--- up sometimes
Can't get a word out of my mouth
And you will die like all the others
While I damn you in your skin but then regret it
Take it back, with all my sins encased in darkness
Like a horse held back with harness
Oblivious to all I feel, you walk away
Just when I thought that you were standing here
And when you leave you will break
Another teenage suicide
There is nothing left for you to be
Except for all you are
And I'm left standing here alone, curled up in the corner
And you will die like all the others
I have failed you, I guess
'Cause I am damned here in my skin,
All the sins encased within like a coffin
And they will laugh while I stand here
Laugh at me, and turn away
You've been gone since God knows when
And I'm standing here again
But allowances are made, since
You don't know how the lies are told
And turn your shoulder
(Cold, it's cold, you don't know)
And I'm running, another teenage suicide
With the light blinding my eyes
And will it fail me, should I pray
To the God I pushed away?
And I'll forget you if I can
Because you don't understand
And I'll run
And I'll run, like a coward
But it's better than what I am
You'll be fine if I forget you
Though vice versa won't prove true
Not a teenage suicide
And I'll look it in the eyes
But if I fall you won't be there
Even if I think you care
And I'll run

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