Pomegranate Words

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by James Smith, 17, Kent, England

said the rat to the snake
i am but a snake in rat's clothing
said the snake to the rat
i am but a rat in snake's clothing
said each one to the other
then I must eat you
for i am hungry and you are prey
and so ensued a battle great
until there were only two left standing
tall and proud was the bear
who had killed the snake
and eaten the rat
and taller and prouder
though short and stout
stood the hunter
who with his cage had trapped himself
not knowing why
but wishing not that he had more wit
said he to the bear
i say old chap, be a good fellow and let me out
said the bear to him
why my good man you are trapped
so the bear freed the man
and as the man stood chuffed and glee
he turned his luck into misfortune
as the bear still hungry
ate him and used the snake as floss

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