Pomegranate Words

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It was a dark, cold, stormy October morning in New England. Emily woke up to the sounds of thunder and the loud, hard banging of the shutters on the sides of the house. She was nervous and shaky, not just because the storm woke her up, but because of the nightmare she had. She was in her house, asleep, and she woke up--fire burning all around her, she was trapped, she didn't know what to do. And that's when she woke up. But the strange part was, she had been having this dream since last Monday. Emily got up and walked into the hall and down the creaky steps. The grandfather clock read 5:00, no one was up. She went into t he kitchen, and there was a newspaper on the counter. She decided to sit down at the table and read it. She unfolded the paper and there, to her horror, was a picture of her and family. The headline read "Tragic Deaths." "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Emily woke up fire all around her she was burning and then she died.

The End.

by Heather, 14, Chicago, Illinois

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