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Thomas Unfamiliar

by Erin O'Keefe, 16, Richmond, Virginia

My memory always acquiesces
To the demands of my coercive heart
Usually meek in its meetings
The solitude seems flammable, igniting the fire

The scene plays
In fuzzed sepia hues
Yet the image shatters all hindering static
Showing a visage reserved for those of true aesthetic taste

Sitting on beige-carpeted stairs
Speckled with dust and dirt
Affable smile accompanied by reaching hands
Desire to hold onto the corporeal while I grasp for invisible meaning

No longer aloof
The distance evaporates
Misting the moment with unprecedented passion
Credulously believing it to be the start of romance

The incident melts to black
As the last glimpse of caring lips are seen
My heart stops the show before the plight steals the stage
Preferring to belie the situation with the simple impression
That love is in existence

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