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The Door

by Candy Mabra, 11, Blue Springs, Missouri

I'm standing in an empty room.
Suddenly a door appears in front of me.
It looks wonderful, big and oak.
It is made of the finest wood.
Since I've nowhere else to go, I approach it.
I try to turn the knob.
It does not open.
I kick. I scream. I yell.
I turn it once again.
It still does not open.
That's when I realized no one was there to hear me.
I've only a vague idea of how I got here and why.
With total doubt, I turn the knob one last time,
not thinking what was behind the door or
where it would take me.
Doubting it would even open, I turn the knob.
It opens!
I'm taken into a grand room with red carpet and gleaming floors.
I am so stunned that I hardly notice that the door
I had come through closes and disappears.

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