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The Kitchen Festive

by Angela Anegon, 15, Lewiston, Idaho

The door creaked as she exited her room. She tiptoed down the stairs which groaned even at her swift movement. The hardwood floors seemed to talk and whimper at the graceful touch of her feet. Her hands and forehead began to sweat in a slow drip as panic rose in her body from a far-off sound. It seemed that the old house was darker that it normally was. All around her shadows drew across the walls from the midnight gloom. Every feature in every room became large and narrow, frowning at the intruder that awoke them from their eternal sleep.

"Focus," she thought, "Don't be ridiculous. Inanimate objects such as these can't harm me." Although her thoughts comforted her slightly, she increased her speed and grace and silence were no longer an issue. Quickly down the last dark hallway to the kitchen she went. New thoughts captured her mind now of knives and sharp objects levitating from their drawers, aimed at her sleepless body ready to draw a little blood.

As she entered cautiously into the moonlit kitchen her mind took over her senses, making her believe the unreal and see objects as glaring at her, with new capabilities and enhanced human-like features. Suddenly, the table in the center of the room developed clouded eyes and a parched mouth. It began singing indistinguishable words to a mournful, ear-wrenching tune. The chairs that surrounded it leapt up and danced circles around the groaning table, teetering on their wooden legs as if there was no tomorrow. Of course, this was all in the girl's mind, but her sleep deprivation made the hallucinations as real as the beads of perspiration that dripped down her spine.

More objects in the room came alive and began to dance to the husky voice of the oak table. The forks, knives, and spoons spewed out of their drawers and began to dance mindlessly as their newly extended arms grasped another. Cups, plates, pots, and pans began to soar around the room, twirling like little ceramic and metal ballerinas. Assorted food then rushed from their hiding places, weaving in and out of the activity as if they were the harmony to the dance. Multiple appliances, although too large to dance, joined in singing the uneven melody and kept the beat by swaying back and forth.

The whole kitchen came alive and the girl began to thrash about as the awful music got louder and the dancing faster. She grabbed her ears and sank to her knees, rocking back and forth, at the mercy of the commotion. With all her might she hoped and prayed that the sight she was witnessing would end. Finally, in tremendous rage, she jumped up and bellowed "STOP!" Every sound and every movement stopped immediately as if the objects suddenly forgot how to move about. All of the utensils and food withdrew back into their enclosed quarters and the chairs and table went back to their normal state. It was like they understood that they must continue the lifelessness that they were created to live.

Totally relieved to have the kitchen cease from the odd festival it had created, the girl let out a long sigh. She walked slowly over to the sink and took a glass from the overhead cupboard. Her hand trembled as she watched the cool stream of water fill her cup. Finally she obtained what she had come for—a simple glass of water.

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